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Russia-Singapore arbitration
+7 (499) 501-15-90
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Address: 8a Admiralty street #04-37, Singapore


ONLINE Front desk

Here you can submit your claim and supporting documents online.
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  • Fast processing of claims

    A claim is processed on the 10th working day from the date of its filing. By law, the decision of the Arbitration Court comes into legal effect immediately and is not subject to appeal (anywhere else).
  • State support in the enforcement of decisions

    The state enforcement order is issued for the Court decisions in 30-50 days (against financial guarantees of the Court).
  • Real debt collection

    The court provides free-of-charge assistance in processing and filing executive documents to the debtor's bank or the bailiff service, with further monitoring of their execution until the return of debts. Organizing the work of collectors.
  • Qualified and independent judges

    Requirements to the judges - higher legal education and 5 years of work experience in a particular industry.
    A judge is chosen by the parties of the Presidium, ensuring the independence of the process. Personal data of judges is completely closed.
  • Assistance in preparation for court

    Prior to filing a lawsuit the court provides free advice on procedural matters.
  • Regional availability

    The Court reviews the claims to regional and foreign Defendants in Moscow or via Skype.
  • Financial cost-effectiveness

    A single court deals with claims both to legal entities and natural persons. 10 times lower expenses than with a state court.

The Russia-Singapore Arbitration

Secretariat & Applications:                     +65 31590985

Department of procedural conselling     +65 31590985 ext. 102

Department of claim procedures            +65 31590985

Department of executive procedures     +65 31590985

Department of foreclosures                    +65 31590985 

Press Service                                         +65 31590985 ext. 102

Working Schedule of the Court: Mon-Frifrom 10am to 6pm (lunch break from13.00 to 14.00)

Courthouse: 8a Admiralty street #04-37 Singapore


In Russia (Moscow) (the General Representation):

Secretariat & Applications:

+7 (499) 501-15-90

+7 (499) 720-51-40

e-mail info@a-tsm.ru


Department of procedural conselling 

+7 (499) 501-15-90 доб. 33 

e-mail d@a-tsm.ru

Department of claim procedures

+7 (499) 501-15-90 доб. 101, 55, 100

+7 (499) 720-51-18

Department of executive procedures

+7 (499) 501-15-90 доб. 205, 209, 55

+7 (499) 720-61-89

Department of foreclosures +7 (499) 501-15-90 доб. 66, 206, 55
Press Service

+7 (499) 501-15-90 доб. 44, 77

+7 (499) 720-62-03

e-mail pressa@a-tsm.ru

Accounts Department

+7 (499) 501-15-90 доб. 103

e-mail b@a-tsm.ru

Working Schedule of the Court: Mon-Frifrom 10am to 6pm (lunch break from13.00 to 14.00)
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Address: Narodnogo Opolcheniya Ul. 29/3, Moscow 123154, Metro Oktyabrskoye Pole


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