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Russia-Singapore arbitration
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  • Fast processing of claims

    A claim is processed on the 10th working day from the date of its filing. By law, the decision of the Arbitration Court comes into legal effect immediately and is not subject to appeal (anywhere else).
  • State support in the enforcement of decisions

    The state enforcement order is issued for the Court decisions in 30-50 days (against financial guarantees of the Court).
  • Real debt collection

    The court provides free-of-charge assistance in processing and filing executive documents to the debtor's bank or the bailiff service, with further monitoring of their execution until the return of debts. Organizing the work of collectors.
  • Qualified and independent judges

    Requirements to the judges - higher legal education and 5 years of work experience in a particular industry.
    A judge is chosen by the parties of the Presidium, ensuring the independence of the process. Personal data of judges is completely closed.
  • Assistance in preparation for court

    Prior to filing a lawsuit the court provides free advice on procedural matters.
  • Regional availability

    The Court reviews the claims to regional and foreign Defendants in Moscow or via Skype.
  • Financial cost-effectiveness

    A single court deals with claims both to legal entities and natural persons. 10 times lower expenses than with a state court.

For candidates for the Court of Arbitration

The process of granting authority in the Referees, the requirements for arbitration adjudicators, and the process of selection.

Requirements for candidates for the position of Arbitration Adjudicators

An Arbitration Adjudicator may be a citizen:

- with higher legal education

-  with full legal majority and not under any form of guardianship

- not having had their right to become judge of common jurisdiction or of arbitration, barrister, notary. Investigator, prosecutor or other law enforcement official terminated in accordance with the law, following commission of offences incompatible with their professional responsibilities

- not able to be appointed as an arbitrator due their official status under federal law of the RF

SPEFICIC REQUIREMENTS: Candidates should have been active in the affairs of the Arbitration for no less than five years in the capacity of a REPRESENTATIVE of either party We must be convinced of the candidate's practical knowledge of the judicial operations in our Court!.


Provided that the requirements specified above are met:

An arbitrator in the Russia-Singapore Arbitration can be a citizen who has attained 30 years of age, and whose professional legal experience in a specific branch of business (financial, credit, construction industry, manufacturing, state procurement) is at least five complete years.

A candidate for the position of arbitration adjudicator may not be an individual who is suspected or accused of committing crimes, or listed by the state as a narcotics user or listed for psychological rehabilitation as a result of alcoholism, narcotics addiction, substance abuse, chronic or recurrent psychological illness, or suffering from any other medical condition which would prejudice their work as an arbitrator of the Referees.

Preliminary shortlisting of candidates for the position of arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration takes place after discussions with the Chair of the Referees.

Any citizen who has attained the prescribed age, who holds appropriate higher legal qualifications, has completed the necessary period of professional experience in the legal profession, and who is free of medical conditions which might impede their appointment as an arbitrator, has the right to sit a Pass Examination for the position of arbitrator, by contacting the Chair of the Referees for an application for the Pass Examination. In addition to their Application Form, candidates are required to submit the following documents:

1. The Application Form

2. The Curriculum Vitae (Resumé)

3. Their passport

4. Their State Work Document, except in cases where this is the first instance of employment.

5. Confirmation that they are registered with the Taxation Authorities at their home address.

6. Education certificates

7. Documents confirming their professional qualifications, in-service qualification, apprenticeship periods, further education qualifications

8. Police Certificate confirming a clear police record (including absence of pending cases)

9. A personal photograph (colour)

Please note that unless copies have been attested by a State Notary, originals must be submitted.

The Chair of the Referees arranges checks of the authenticity of the documents which are presented by candidates, and the information presented in such documents.

Following the assessment of applications made by applicants for the position of arbitration adjudicator, the results of the validation of their submitted documents and the information they contain, and the results of the Pass Examination, the Chair of the Referees shall decide on the suitability of the candidate for the position of arbitrator.

If the applicant for the position of arbitrator does not meet the requirements which are imposed for the position of arbitrator of the Arbitration, the Chair of the Referees may take a considered decision in respect of this candidate not to appoint them to the position of arbitrator.

A candidate for the post of arbitrator may not be appointed to this position if, as a result of investigation, the supporting documents which they have submitted in conjunction with their application, or the information contained in these documents are unable to be confirmed as authentic or legitimate.

The Chair of the Referees shall immediately terminate the activity of any arbitrator in the event that violations of their appropriate candidacy for this post are discovered, as provided for under Law.

The Procedure for the appointment of arbitration adjudicators

Arbitration Adjudicators are appointed by the Chair of the Referees for a period of three years. The list of Arbitration Adjudicators is published on the website of the Arbitration

No fees or payments are payable to the Arbitration!


A civil contract is made with the Referees for the provision of services for three years. This contract also provides for a confidentiality agreement covering a period of ten years.